March 26, 2012
By ApolloSun PLATINUM, Evanston, Illinois
ApolloSun PLATINUM, Evanston, Illinois
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I could tell you that I'm fine
When you look me in the eye
And ask if I'm alright
But it would be a lie

I could claim not to be
Hurting inside
When you glimpse my reddened eyes
And it's clear to you I've cried

I could pretend to be normal
When it's hard to stop the shaking
And you ask what on my mind
I could, but i'd be faking

Or I could draw a shaky breath
Stare at my trembling hands
Tell you the truth
Voice quiet and dead-panned

But would it make things better?
All the sympathetic glances?
I don't want that attention
I won't take any chances

So I'll go on pretending
And maybe one day I'll be alright
For now I'll stick with crying
Myself to sleep each and every night

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