A Summer of Innocence

March 25, 2012
I was a girl.

Mornings were a pleasure.
Laughter rang stubbornly through still air
And little hands stroked butterflies before setting them free.

Afternoons were forever.
Cool water splashed smiling faces and flew in the air
Before warming in the blissful heat of summer.

Evenings were an adventure.
Tall trees were climbed all the way up in the air
While apples of the branches were savored in light from the setting sun.

Nights were beautiful.
Moonlight peeked in through blind-covered windows
And shined onto the slumbering little figure in the tiny bed.

Perfect was the time
When mornings was a pleasure,
Afternoons were forever,
Evenings were an adventure,
And nights were beautiful.

Oh, to be innocent again.

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