The Hero

March 14, 2012
By BeowulfCrusader BRONZE, Duncalville, Alabama
BeowulfCrusader BRONZE, Duncalville, Alabama
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Who is that man? My oh my can it be?
Clad in the blood-stained garb of his kin.
Has he come to fulfill the prophecy?
He is from further up and further in.

Hero, of what land do you call your home?
“The good land where my god’s people abide.”
Why are you here, living where you may roam?
“So I may find evil where it may hide.”
Hero, speak to us of your many tales!
“Many beyond what my tongue can tell.”
Could your stories make us gaze, laugh, or wail?
“Many emotions arise all too well.”

Hero, how your leather is worn and meek!
“From long marches to rivers I have gone.”
And how your sword is chipped and weak!
“Many a foe this hath made dead and done.”
Hero, how your steel has many dents and holes!
“Where the lesser beasts gored me through.”
And your raiment is in blood covered whole!
“Blood of criminals that paid the due.”

Oh, Mighty Hero, speak of your conquests!
“There are many of which I can share.”
Begin with the tale of your first great quest!
“I was warned—many said ‘beware’ “
“My home was at war—a beast brought pain.”
“Many a men called for me to remain,”
“Many a women said the beast was too great,”
“But I saw his eyes. They were full of hate.”
“Blackest anger from the horrid black heart,”
“His black heart the color of his black scales,”
“He brought great pestilence that would not part,”
“He has haunted many of our child tales.”

“His abode was in the Hills of The Dead,”
“Many a leagues from my meager little town.”
“I was close; he gave his Screech of Dread—“
“A challenge for my blade to bring him down.”
“Trolls haunted the hills—my blade was the priest”
“Exorcising them from that blackened land”
“The foul creatures brood bred lesser beasts”
“I cleansed the hills with the sword in my hand!”

Hero, what a powerful tale! What of the end?
Did the beast fall before your Holy Blade?
“Aye, in that venture, I came close to rend”
“The monsters hide, but he fled to the Glade—“

“I followed him to the edge of that ancient Glade”
“The Glade of the Water of Good Knowledge”
“I saw the beast that would have found my blade”
“Were he not far from the Great Waters edge”

“I saw him fly to the edge of The Plains”
“Home to the giants and their strong cattle”
“Travelers said, ‘Ser, your quest is in vain’ “
“But no, I would not endure their prattle.”
Did any brigands waylay you on your way?
“Many that dared to join with all the dead.”
Did any wenches and harlots cause you to stray?
“I left the taverns without need for new beds.”

Aye, the beast is near the town! Oh dark tidings!
“Yes—these ones that I can dispel.”
Will this be the last of the beasts hiding?
“After he is vanquished, all shall be well.”
The beast then yelled in the Black Speech
Words of ancient power, made of his kin
He yelled in good spite to the hero,
“Face me, bold man who wears dragon skin!”

The Hero, his blood-stained steel in hand,
Raised it at the wyrm that sought to mend
Their last conflict. His voice, at his command,
Challenged the dragon, saying, “This is the end!”
He charged, sword gleaming in light
Toward his jet-black foe that shook the mound
Of earth beneath him, eager to join the fight,
Slay the beast and put him in the ground

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