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Forever Is Her Name Like a Star's Burning Flames

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The sky had rained in burning flames,

*Choruses vary slightly and
The ashes floated down,

are bold in italics*
The black soot belongs to Earth’s claims,
Silenced the pain all ‘round,

Like teardrops that Heaven had cried,
‘Twas last call of her name,
When the last stars burn they collide,
From Heaven’s scorching flame,

I feel you present in the winds,
I’m calling out tonight,
“Are you holding my hand?” Singing,
“Say you won’t say goodbye.”

Forever is her name,
Like a star’s burning flames,
Forever she lies in roses,
Forever she cannot be tamed,

“Do you swear you’re with me at night,
When you feel time is right?
Even after it’s passed midnight?
Will it all be all right?”

She was facing me when I said,
“Is your memory lost?”
“I survive in your heart instead.”
She whispered through my thoughts,

Forever is her name,
Found in a star’s burning flames,
Forever her body sleeps in a field of lavish roses,
Forever her soul will never be tamed,

“Forever in your heart. Listen,
I carry on living,
Forever in it’s own rhythm,
Focus on it’s beating.”

“This is the answer; it’s key,
Your heart beat drums my song,
Even when you’re too blind to see,
I won’t lead you wrong.”

“I promise I won’t let you down,
You have the strength for this,
Don’t let go, I won’t let you drown,
I promise we’ll make it.”

Forever is her name,
Across my heart as a stars burning flames,
Forever she lies in roses,
Forever she exists: her heart untamed,

Tears streaming within angels’ eyes glow,
While she’s sleeping in peace,
Falls down each face in ripples slow,
It’s no more that she breathes,

Forever embedded in her name,
Like the ashes from a star’s burning flames,
Forever she lies in fields of roses,
Forever her heart goes untamed,

“This is it; memories unfold,”
Cried angels from Hell,
Her story as it should be told,
As they sound her death bell,

She sleeps with angels in the sky,
I wonder of the change,
In life if she were still alive,
Could things still be the same?

Forever is her name,
Like the stars in their own burning flames,
Forever she lies in a field of roses,
Forever she cannot be tamed,

See the thin line; very fine line,
You have to learn to read,
Even between those that intertwine,
You have to: to believe,

Forever is her name,
Like a star’s burning flames,
Forever she lies covered in wreathes and roses,
Her grave goes unmarked, unnamed,
Her heart forever going un-tame,

The angels and I cried so much,
For different reasons,
Conclusions our minds couldn’t touch,
Springs rebirth; her season,

Forever is your name,
Like a star burning up in flames,
Forever you lie in a field of roses,
Forever your heart will go un-tamed,

Forever she sleeps in roses,
Always we share our names,
The scent fills my nose as,
I go on through the days,

From Cheyenne Casey Rae,
In loving memory,
Always I love you Trittney Rae,
Forever rest in peace <3

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