The Sun Will Shine Bright

February 27, 2012
Dragging his feet along the white lines on an old back road—
The sun begins to wonder off.
He looks to his left in a small distance
And there sits a little white cross.

“I looked close at the name—I am sure
They felt pain—I sort of heard the
Story—about the car that
Hit the little girl Laurie.

Clouds were drifting slowly over the ground;
Slight chills as the precipitation and temperature changes.
Grass topped with tear drops, dirt turning to mud—
And he reads the white cross with a bittersweet thought...

“I am free and in good hands now—
I've chased my share of butterflies and
Don’t you worry daddy; mommy taught me how to play ball,
I wish it would have been you, but you didn't call.”

“Oh honey, I feel contrite.
I was only nineteen when you came into my life.
I promise when we meet again
I won't make the same mistake.

I put my needs before yours
When I should have been there, opening doors.
I was out looking for something
That was here the whole time,

And honey, I am sorry this is late.
I've been meaning to tell you,
I've been thinking about you,
Hoping that you know honey, I love you.”

The wind whistles and picks up speed
His jackets blowing back and forth
But he don't care he is in so much pain,
His tears upon his face feel like acid rain.

Trees become still— the wind slows
Splashing; the noise of rain boots.
There is a sound, a possible voice,
He looks in the distance— a teenage girl appears.

Is it a ghost from the past?
Or is she here and I can be there at last?
Is this really happening is this really real?
Or Am I just fey—what is my deal?

“Don’t you worry sweetheart
Things will be just fine,
Remember when you said this to me
We are walking that same line.

The wind will carry on
The grass will grow—and grow.
The sun will shine bright,
The weather will get cold and snow.

We’ll have our ups and downs
Things won’t always be great
But the grass will grow—and grow
And the sun will shine bright.

Things will happen and we’ll think,
Why is this happening to me?
But you have to think positive and stay strong
Because there are still good things, just harder to see.

“Regardless I left her once, and I won’t
Do it again” and then she said;
“Hey now I know things are tough but we have to move on,
Even if our little girl is gone.”

“I don’t want to believe it but
I know that you are right,
The weather will get cold and snow,
But even then the sun will shine bright.”

“Let your mind be distracted,
Sometimes we just need to get away,
But don’t go too far you can’t get back
Just listen to what I have to say:

Listen to the sound of soothing waterfalls,
Hear the buzzing of the bees,
Sit on that old wood park bench,
See what no one else sees.

Life is a beautiful thing don’t let it go to waste,
Wake up and smell the flowers,
Do something that makes you feel better; every day,
Because life’s to short to let it waste away.

We’ll have our ups and downs,
Things won’t always be great,
But the grass will grow— and grow,
And the sun will shine bright.”

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