I'm very aware

March 8, 2012
By EAR_SAP GOLD, Thomasville, North Carolina
EAR_SAP GOLD, Thomasville, North Carolina
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I’m very aware
Yeah I know some of my teachers mean well
But I’ll still raise hell
Chew them up, spit them out
When they call mom I’ll act like I don’t know what they’re talking about
I wish I can just get expelled
Though I always seem to give suspension
They think I’m some troubled kid begging for attention
They don’t understand how someone so intelligent
Can be so belligerent
To me there thoughts are irrelevant
Because I am academically aware
And I really don’t care

I know my peers are impulsive
Do things without a second thought
Drink, smoke and steal from stores and then get caught
I realize the people I hang with are here because I’m popular
There grimmer then ruble
They rather be felony’s, then scholars
And seem to always keep me in trouble
The people I call “friends”
Are pretend
You know I don’t care
These terrible facts to me is no surprise
Because I’m Socially Aware

Yeah I know all about hepatitis and AIDS
But that doesn’t stop me from getting layed
I realize teen pregnancy is a burden
But I’m the one giving birth some I’m not the one hurting
That’s what comes with being sexually aware
And I say the same story I do not care

I’m a big influence on my brother
But that’s not my kid
I know my mother would be ashamed
If she knew half the stuff I did
She said I treat life like a game
Really, I’m just having fun
I know my mom is speaking the truth
Though I hate when people tell me what to do
Yeah I’m very aware
But I say the same story I do not care

There’s always an excuses for me
Parton my disease
I’m suffering from A.D.H.D
But it’s crazy how I can sit perfectly still why watching T.V.
No even I know that’s Bogus
Let’s blame it on my youth
All these influences in my life I don’t know what’s the true
I’m not ready to be a man
Being 16 teen and confused didn’t come as plan
I can talk to talk
But when I time to walk I ran
I’m running from fear
I guess this is what you get when you’re socially aware
Yeah I act tough now though in the end I’ll care

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