Monsters At The Door

March 11, 2012
Shaking from the fear
A million screams fill my ear.
I stare at the floor
While the monsters amass at my door.
They say the time has come
I say I'm still too young.
I prepare myself for the trials I am to face
Determined not to fall from grace.
I will not bring my family shame
I will be the reason they respect our name.
They will remember me for years to come
Think of me as the blessed one.
But first I must vanquish the beasts
Continue on as they fall at my feet.
There will be but one victor at the end of the day
The one that survives the vicious fray.
I know that the victor I will be
And when it is over
I will be free.
Free from the worry and pain and fear
Free from the taunting and teasing and jeers
Directed at me through the years
By jealous peers that ignored my tears
And decided instead to cause me pain.
They will suffer under my reign.
The poets and sages will tell of their plight.
Some stayed and fought
Others took flight.
But eventually
They will all pay.
How I await that momentous day.
When I stand on top
And they on the bottom.
Their hands are rough
Mine are like cotton.
Their stomachs have shrunk from days without food
I have enough to feed my whole brood.
But these thoughts must wait
For the beasts that I very much hate
Are outside waiting for me.
It is time for me to become what I was meant to be.

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