February 28, 2012
Refuse to play the game
but lose it all the same.

It’s not paranoia,
no matter what it seems.
‘Cause it’s not paranoia
if the monsters can be seen.

Shut your mind
call me paranoid.

I see
the demons
beneath the skin,

their way
out from within.

Close your eyes now
turn your head away.

my sanity,
say you don’t see.

me question
all I believe.

Say you don’t hear,
undervalued fears.

It’s not paranoia,
if they really wish you harm.
And it ain’t paranoia
just because you say I’m wrong.

the world
for how it is.

the candy
land of bliss.

It’s not paranoia
when the world has changed.
It’s not paranoia,
though you stayed the same.

beat slowly,
not for long.

they come
to a marching song.

It’s not paranoia,
they have you in their sights.
Don’t make us all be wrong
just to be right.

Red means fire,
red means death.
Hear their broken
baited breath?

Life is water,
water’s ice.
Bring back the flame,
the warmth was nice.

Kill curiosity
tell us we are safe.
Turn to madness
find someone else to blame.

It’s not paranoia,
I’m not as crazy as you think.
It’s not paranoia,
don’t let them make you blink.

Refuse to play the game,
but loose it anyway


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