The Crow

March 1, 2012
By wazzzuuup BRONZE, White City, Oregon
wazzzuuup BRONZE, White City, Oregon
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Sitting silent in the pew, mind full of thoughts of you.
Staring at this bust so keenly wondering what went wrong before.
And as I sat there staring sharply, sharply staring at our lord,
I sit there thinking oh so bleakly, how your soul will be no more.
And as I sit there sadly mourning, I hear a tap upon the door.
Another poor soul seeking guidance must be this and nothing more.

Of course I didn’t bother, for the tap had gone no farther,
So I bowed my head to ponder, the loss of someone dear.
But as I mourned, mourned so sadly, another tap was at the door.
I said “If you wanted in so badly, why not turn the handle here?”
There was no reply, so full of caution I grab the knob and start to steer.
But as the door had partly opened, with a flash I filled with fear!

And as I turned so quick and fast, I saw the thing that just had passed.
I saw a bird, a crow it was that stared at me and said “pass on!”
“Go to the heavens with Zeus! Leave this earth and join the gods?”
But the crow’s eyes were set loose, loosely staring on and on.
As if it were staring through me and spoke the words “pass on!”
“I cannot” I explained “this earth is where I lived, I won’t be gone!”

“I love this place, this earth, this great place of my birth.”
“I had died so young… I want myself, my soul to stay”
But the crow had no reply, reply it gave me none.
“Why’d I have to die?” I had asked in such a way.
In a way full of wonder, then I had asked to stay.
“Pass on!” the bird replied, that’s all it had to say.

As it spoke that final word, I began to dread this bird.
A whoosh of wind had come up rising from the floor.
And as I began to rise, I said my last words for earth.
I was sad for I despise how my life was short before.
Maybe I could have stayed, if I didn’t open the door.
But now I’m gone into the heavens, my life is now no more.

The author's comments:
Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

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