The Bejewled Shield

March 5, 2012
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Many a year ago, sapphire, Alexandria, and amethyst stones were
Placed in a shield of granite
Warriors fought and killers killed
And the shield’s very image thrilled

-A shield of thrills-

As the glorious war for the shield waged on
And at the end, one side had won
The Alexandria then asked the amethyst
“Why do we skirmish together in the granite?
Surely we can come to a sincere agreement.”

-A shield of truth-

So the amethyst shortly hid, as it often did,
Until it spoke out a conclusion
“You may love the sapphire, as you do every jewel,
but you know this is all an illusion."

-A shield of love-

So tell the amethyst it did
Before it once more hid
The truth that penetrated all
“I like every jewel, and that much is true...
But there are only two I love, and one of them is you.”

-A shield of life-

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