In All It's Glory, Ours

March 5, 2012
I dove into your tight embrace,
Which time and space devoured,
When sunset came, you kissed my lips,
The orange sky is ours.

You lay with me and closed your eyes,
Amongst dry leaves and flowers,
Above our heads the heavens moved,
The changing season's ours.

Within our veins our blood ran fast,
But quicker passed the hours,
My cheeks soon flushed, your eyes amused,
The inside joke is ours.

The air was thick and came harsh clouds,
Behind the moon did cower.
But whilst it hid, I thought of life,
It's flaws and beauty ours.

When came goodbye, I felt a hope,
No grief could overpower,
I heard your heart and I believe
That precious love is ours.

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