Stop, Look and See

February 27, 2012
Walking past a narrow road,
On a sunny yet cold day,
Near a dark and dingy alley
I saw an old man lay.
The man so in need of warm clothes,
Was shivering in the winter cold,
A torn sweater clung to his body,
He searched for food in the trash bin so cold.
I walk by past him
Pretending not to see
All the while I can see, hear,feel
From his eyes his silent plea.
The next day i walk down the same road,
I see the old man is still there.
Lying under the sun gazing at the sky
he’s wondering if there’s someone up there who cares.
My legs-well covered- trace back their steps
I can’t bear the pity sight
I run away in haste.
There are voices in my head
Something tugging at my heart
Sorrow, unjustified, coursing through me
I decide to do everything from the start.
Turning round the corner
I’m back on my path
Why should i be bothered about this man?
I have not known him in the past and nor will i in future
Yet i feel connected to him in my heart of hearts.
The golden sunlight streaming in
I feel something stirring within me
My destination awaits me
But this time i stop, look and see.
The old man shivering in the cold
Was once an innocent child.
With love in his heart and joy in his eyes
He must have played under her mother’s sweet touch, mild.
The old man lying under the sun
Was once a healthy youth
With dreams in his heart and determination in his eyes
He must have been the apple of his father’s eye.
The old man shivering in the winter cold
Is now just that- a decaying old man
His heart has lost hope and his eyes have drooped
There’s no one who’ll lend a helping hand.
Something inside me weeps
I walk upto him crossing the bricklined path
There’s a strange look in his eyes
I reach out my heart.
Above the bustling crowd on the road
There lies a bright blue sky
Where sunshine sings and the raindrops play
Clouds glistening so high.
Amidst the sparkling beauty,
I heard someone speak
The voice no more than a whisper
Led me to finally see.
Silently but yet so gently He opened my eyes
God’s love was within me
My heart was filled with awe
With his guidance and grace
I stopped,looked and saw.

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TiaraM said...
May 1, 2012 at 7:12 am
Hey guys please rate and comment. this is my first work
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