Ballad Of The Dance

February 10, 2012
Mother dear, how i love the sound
of the chior in the play,
however I dream to dace alone
with rhythems that may sway.

You dream so wild
yet you fail to see,
that its time to grow up
and learn from me.

Mother dear, you fail to understand
that dancing is my dream,
you cannot stop me from what i wish to do
cause this is just the only way that i'm allowed to just set back an be me.

You dream so wild
yet you fail to see,
that you have to grow up
and be just like me.

She brushed her hair
and dressed for dance,
with her bright yellow shoes
and yellow strechy pants.

Her mother nodded
she thought that she was pleased,
she walked up to the chior
then fell down to her knees.

Her mother jumped up
she was stricken with fright,
cause befor she even knew
it was the end of her BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS LIFE.

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