The Boy With The Green Eyes

February 22, 2012
By kaylabear21 GOLD, Walnut Creek, California
kaylabear21 GOLD, Walnut Creek, California
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back in the day, faint memories
a vibrant embassy
i sat by this boy, with the green eyes
the one i passed up
the regrets i cherish
years pass on and i still think of him
what he could be, what i could be
what we could have been together
im just happy were able
to say hi to eachother
ill never forget the boy with the green eyes
I could laugh for days with him
I forgot about my fears with him
I was fearless
With him by my side.
that boy with the green eyes will always be in my heart
hes my friend and always will be
hes there for me when i myself cant be
and im glad that he forgives me

The author's comments:
i once had a boyfriend in the 7th grade and he was my second boyfriend. he was an amazing person and i left him for another boy. years later he started to talk to me more. he was there for me as my friend and came to my dads funeral to support me. hes a really good friend and i regret what i did to him. so basically im saying sorry and thanking him in this tribute poem.

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