The Queen and the Bucket of Green

January 29, 2012
Have you heard the tale of the queen,
Who flew round the world in a bucket of green,
Who flew across the desert wide,
And fell on the plains that ran alongside?
Beth of Paris, as she was called,
Usually had other ladies appalled
Because of her wild sprightliness
And also because of her bubbliness.
It all started on a lovely spring day
When she packed up her things and went away.
All her people asked of her,
“What are you doing, is your mind a blur?”
She just smiled as she climbed into her ride
And looked upon the French people with pride.
As the bucket floated over the clouds
The slowly fading away French crowds
Watched as their queen flew further off
And started round the world without a scoff.
She flew over the hot blazing sands
Of the fiery, steamy waste lands.
The craft of green bumped into the Pharaoh
And gave the man a very slight blow.
Then it crash landed on the Iraqi plains
And almost wrecked three Iraqi trains.
As she continued her journey back to Paris
And back to her husband the grand King Ferris
Good Queen Beth flew to Japan,
Adopted a daughter who she named Ann,
Then headed towards the U.S.A.
And met new friends along the way.
When she came back, a friend to all the world
The French knew she wasn’t an ordinary girl.
One young lady started the cry,
“Hail to Beth, the whole world’s ally!”
At this a curtsey did Beth dip
And this is the end of her grand trip.

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