The Unfinished Game

February 20, 2012
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There was no time to panic as we saw the scoreboard say.
That it was ten to four with just two innings left to play.
As the seventh inning began we had a lead of four.
But an awful inning leaves the other team with more.

It all started when Joey struck out looking at a pitch.
Then Rick seemed to do the same and was followed by Mitch.
Three quick outs made the team lose all the momentum it had.
And soon you will see that the team would start to become sad.

As they took the field with three strikeouts looming in their mind.
The team would soon see that the night would not become too kind.
While the pitcher warmed his arm and the fielders got prepared.
It seemed that something was not right and it was in the air.

The pitcher was ready to let the ball go through the air.
But his first pitch went into the ground as he sat and stared.
The catcher was not happy with the pitch that was just thrown.
That is why he did not stop it and let out a big groan.

The next pitches to the batter were very much the same.
So just like that the first batter was on first with no pain.
Each batter that followed got to watch four pitches go by.
And all of them walked to first giving out a great big sigh.

As this all happened the board showed a score of one to four.
And the opposite team was ready to score a few more.
Before the next batter got up the coach went out to say.
That if the pitcher walked one more guy it would end his day.

The next batter saw a pitch that he just couldn’t resist.
He took a great big swing at it and put it in the mist.
The ball flew through the sky and didn’t seem to stop going.
By the time it landed the fans already were booing.

At that point Willy Johnson was now standing on the mound.
He threw so hard that each pitch made a loud emphatic sound.
But unfortunately that had no impact on the game.
The next five batters that got up made his pitches look lame.

They all hit the ball to the wall and each got a double.
It was now clear to the team that they were in big trouble.
With the score nine to four and a player on second base.
You could see the disappointment in everybody’s face.

Finally they got two people out within the inning.
But a hit followed as the man on second scored grinning.
At that one point they just wanted to throw in their towel.
And that is when the batter hit one that was caught while foul.

Now the game stands at ten to four later into the night.
With the team that just can’t seem to find energy to fight.
As Andrew Cannon walked to the plate looking for a hit.
The rising wind began to blow as it would never quit.

No one knew what to do as some raindrops started to fall.
But when a flash of lightning struck they couldn’t play more ball.
Everyone ran for cover knowing what was soon to be.
The game could not be played that night as everyone could see.

It was started up the next day when there was no more rain.
One team went on with its scoring while they weren’t restrained.
The game ended a blowout that had one team down by ten.
It’s nice to know that we got to go home as winning men.

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