The Haven of the Butter Folk

February 17, 2012
By firecy BRONZE, Wayne, New Jersey
firecy BRONZE, Wayne, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"But the world, still is drowned in ecstasy -
Of the fate, and the myth of gods...
But I doubt, there's a journey planned for me!
As I own, every moment, of my life!"

They twitter and flitter their wings of pure gold,
Graceful beyond grace ever foretold.
The radiance above casts down such proud glow,
Devoid of all pain; devoid of all woe.

Glade of such beauty never truly has been known
No tyrant was seated upon null butter throne.
Colors emitted to dazzle and awe,
If such paradise any mortal eye ever saw.

A light without darkness, joy without pain,
Never to vie for power; to slaughter for gain,
The sound of all joyous celebration discharged,
Such glorious music of heavens enlarged.

Wings cast in darkness, the flicker of flame,
The shadow approaches, torture’s great game.
Such fountains of scarlet bless here hallowed ground,
A fissure of torment, praise now hellish king crowned.

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