The ballad of Llemy the llama

February 9, 2012
There was a village full of ordinary llamas
that did the same things
They all had the same golden fur
brushed in the same way
They all spit the same amount onto the soil
Drank the same water
Eat the greenest grass
They even slept in the same place and the same way
They had the ordinary lives of llamas

One time when the llamas woke up
they found another llama
They asked the llama what’s his name
He replied with a smile Llemy the llama
Oh boy was the village in for it

He always brushed his spotted fur in the opposite directions
When it was time to spit, he spit more than everyone
He drank the water from a pond not the bowls
While everyone ate the greenest grass he ate the yellow grass
When it was time to sleep everyone slept on the ground
he slept with his feet hooked on a branch

Llemy told his friends about this ordinary village of llamas
Then as the village kept getting aggravated with Llemy and his not normal like behavior
Soon enough Llemy’s friends came and acted just like Llemy
The village now has ordinary and crazy llamas

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