Hopeless love

February 9, 2012
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As the hot sun was burning down on us
We’d sit in your car laughing about the simple night
As we sit and talk till the break of dawn
I reach for the door handle
But you pull me in for a quick goodnight kiss
The butterflies fill me up
And it was perfect

And now fall has come and we still reminisce about those summer nights.
It has felt as if things have changed
As we sit in this same car laughing and talking
I reach for the door handle
But you pull me back and say those three words
I love you

But now it’s winter and I haven’t seen you in awhile
Oh, how I wish I could take it all back
Those simple nights spent with you
I wish I could relive
But I’m sorry for those lies I spoke
And I’m sorry I didn’t stay when you said I love you
But now I know that “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it
If you would just come for another night

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