False Accusations

February 4, 2012
I try my best at school.
I always strive to do well.
Being a twin, life is a dual.
Can people not tell?

At the site of a shabby grade,
A river of tears flow from my eyes.
There is no hiding in the cover of shade,
It is nothing more than mere lies.

Many think my twin and I identical.
Shall our work then, not look alike?
Words hit me like a falling icicle.
Driving into my emotions like a spike.

To be claimed a cheater,
Has scarred my pride forever.
Now they must be the pleader,
Begging me to come now or never.

That storm of hurt has never passed.
The words still scar me as I look back.
How much longer will they last?
I want the fire of courage that I lack.

Alone I have no hope of rain.
Though I want the courageous storm
That was lost from that pain.
How will it return? In what form?

The words are still sharp knives.
They cut my trust in teachers apart.
My life has the hurt of many lives.
Yet still they come storming into my heart.

The key to my wondering is near to me.
I feel it all around, present near by,
But where near me could it be?
Shall I give up? Just sit down and sigh?

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