Masquerade of Fools

February 7, 2012
By crazybored101 BRONZE, Skaneateles, New York
crazybored101 BRONZE, Skaneateles, New York
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It’s the Masquerade of Fools.
So grab your charade and make your way to the floor.
Dance in circles spinning round and round,
All throughout the night.

No one knows who you are,
No one cares what you’ve done.
We’re all equals here;
We’ve all got a sin to share.

It’s a masquerade of fools.
Our sins are our lives,
And our lives are the stories we tell.

Judging each other you’ll lose the count,
Forget to step and stumble.
But who are you to judge?
You don’t know the dance.

Watching everyone move,
They’re so unique.
You don’t understand the steps nor the moves;
But in this dance, no one does.

It’s the Masquerade of Fools,
So pick a mask that shines or one with holes.
It doesn’t matter which you chose,
Your eyes still give away your sin.

No one cares what you think;
No one cares what they think.
Here at the masquerade,
You’re still just a fool.

It’s a masquerade.
So enjoy it,
While you dance through the night
And into forever

To the Masquerade of Fools;
I guess you could call it life.

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