A Thousand Fish in the Sea, but You are the Only One for Me!

February 7, 2012
By Kat Podlovits BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Kat Podlovits BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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While taking a walk on the sand
With the ocean crashing on the land,
Arie and her dog Sam
Saw a surfboarding man.

He was lacking talent
As he hit a wave and lost his balance –
The board flew up and hit his head;
He was knocked out cold, he seemed to be dead.

She dove in the water and swam to him,
Proceeding to grab hold of his limbs;
She dragged him ashore
Exclaiming, “Well, this day definitely wasn’t a bore!”

She checked his vitals
Since she held a nursing title,
And drove him to the local emergency room
Where she filled out paperwork as her love for him started to bloom.

He let out a mutter
As his eyelids began to flutter;
He caught a blurry glimpse of his rescuer’s strawberry blonde locks,
She was quite a fox!

His mystery woman left the room,
Taking with her his heart going boom boom;
He thought to himself, “It must be fate!”
And decided that when he got better he would take her out on a date.

As his health began to recover
He searched for his mystical lover;
From what he could tell she was a nurse,
Whose strawberry blonde hair put upon him a curse.

The young man continued his nurse fishing,
Meanwhile Arie’s shifts began switching;
She traded working in her favorite wing
For a few more peeks at her heart’s king.

She was too shy
To say anything to her guy,
So instead she stayed mute
Hoping a question directed at her he would shoot.

He did indeed inquire,
But to another strawberry blonde nurse named Ursa Meyer;
Poor Arie’s heart did break,
Losing her true love was about all she could take.

Wedding bells were set to ring on the fifth of June,
Little did Ursa know, she was about to look like a loon;
As her fiancé returned to that magical spot to catch a good swell,
His eyes met with those of a strawberry blonde woman, instantly breaking Ursa Meyer’s spell.

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