A Love Anew

February 2, 2012
His bright blue eyes shine,
and his crooked smile is what I love.
I knew I would get over the other in time,
And in my mind the lies were stuffed.

The other man said he had loved me,
only to appease my mind,
But I was raveshed in stupidty,
Until I saw his bright blue eyes.

They showed nothing but affection,
And all the other showed was lust.
But I have to make a correction,
Or what I will say will be unjust.

I still love the other man,
With all my heart and soul.
But could I move on from him like he can?
Or am I forever bounded like a troll.

A troll with a hideous curse,
the curse of being easily fooled.
I want out of this rapid herse,
Because now I feel cruel.

Everytime I look into the deep oceans of blue,
I cannot help the thought that comes into my head.
The other man is in my head,
We all know it is true.

Please my heart needs to be shattered,
I need to be torn apart.
I need to feel pain and be tattered,
I need to have a broken heart.

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