Don't Be The Forgotten Dream

February 2, 2012
By LittleReadWritingHood. PLATINUM, Loveland, Colorado
LittleReadWritingHood. PLATINUM, Loveland, Colorado
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This is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart.

An empty path on an empty road
An old red barn that’s white
Faded with age and crumbled doors
A cracked and broken sight.

Overgrown by trees and brush
Once more returning back
Wild, free, and bursting
With the life we knew it lacked.

Life’s a never ending roller coaster
Flying up and down the hill
You’ve got one paper ticket to ride
You leave when it’s lost thrill

Life is a circle, and
Flowers overflow the trail
We’re all going, in
This paradise that we have failed.

Too many of our friends
Took the road less traveled by
So take the beaten path
With its crushed petals and quiet lies.

Trampled and worn down by those
That traveled there before you
Take that path and leave yourself
Find something that is still true.

Live outside these simple words
Leave these sloppy lines
Go live your life and do something
Take a step outside.

This is not an existence.
What have we become?
Fighting over everything
Like it matters if we’ve won.

Traditions over worn
And over taken by the weeds
Let’s send them back where they came from
Perhaps that’s what we need.

They are obsolete and gone
Just like the broken barn,
Or the ancient roller coaster
That took one too many turns.

Or imagination,
That sweet voice inside our hearts,
Jetpacks and white picket fences
We can’t connect the parts.

But yet we are all lost
Inside our hopeless dreaming
Becoming the cracked and broken barn
Without us ever seeing.

Losing sleep over problems
That won’t matter in a month
That’s life, they say, they don’t
Tell you what happens when you’re done.

But what is life, anymore?
All work and too much play,
What was life, ever?
Where are the good old days?

Are we living them
Or have we forgotten how?
Have past and future worries
Taken over now?

Crushed petals and faded paint
A well-worn wooded path.
A rusted roller coaster.
Clacking on the shaft.

I tell them all that things here
Are never what they seem.
I tell them all, and listen, don’t
Be the forgotten dream.

The author's comments:
Only you can make the ordinary extraordinary. This poem is for you, and it only means whatever it means to you. What does life mean to you? Go live it.

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