I miss you...

January 11, 2012
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I miss your face; I miss your smile.
In every way they could beguile
me into walking an endless mile,
to see them one more time.

Your laughter was charming, but now just rings.
Endlessly taunts; forever it sings.
But the eerie part of everything
is how it still makes me feel.

To hear it again would be eternal bliss!
Thinking of everything, what's not to miss?
I could write you now an endless list,
but you'd just throw it away!

I always told you every day
'I love you girl, in every way!'
But now you hold that all at bay
because of what I did.

I've played my part and cast you out.
Never again you'll take my route!
Although it does no good to pout,
I really made the wrong choice.

I'll beg for you back into my life,
but you'll just stand there; speechless in strife.
And then you'll cut me off with a knife,
to die like a headless rose.

So this is the last you'll hear from me.
And you'll just say 'please leave me be!'
I'll turn around once just hoping to see
you welcoming me back in your arms.

But instead there'll be no open arms.
Though looking back really did no harm.
Startled a bit and rather alarmed,
I'll feel my heart just drop.

Then I'll turn back 'round when you're out of view;
my mental picture still filled with hue.
My dreams of love now crushed by you,
so now the flame will die.

I guess I'm bad at letting things die.
But alas it did, so now I'll cry!
My eyes are wet, but my throat is dry
because of my useless words.

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