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January 25, 2012
By Open_5hoelaces BRONZE, Vadodra, Other
Open_5hoelaces BRONZE, Vadodra, Other
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Love is just a catchy love song,
You have been singing all along.
Reaches to your heart via ear,
A tune that goes makes deep lyrics clear.

Love is just a rose, white or red.
Pick favorite color, don’t be afraid.
The thorns are meant for pain,
But from sniffing the fragrance, don’t refrain.

Love is just a rain of unusual kind.
Can’t see the clouds, as your blind.
First feel its presence when it starts,
Can’t find a shelter, until drenched to heart.

Love is just a dark chocolate bar.
Two contradictory qualities spar.
Whether it’s sweetly bitter or bitterly sweet,
Share it with someone to feel a treat.

Love is just a roller coaster ride.
Fail to recall where I screamed and cried.
Some stumble dizzily and say, ‘That’s insane!’
While some re-balance to yell, ‘Let’s do it again!’

Love is just a plant, tender green.
Problems crop up, if not watered in routine.
Don’t ignore what you have, to avoid drama.
Harder than growing cacti and taming a llama.

Love is just a serendipitous masterpiece,
Detailed delicately by events hit ‘n’ miss.
In truth, the size doesn’t matter,
Big or small (though significant is the latter).

Love is just a quantum of anti-gravitons;
Unseen, but causes a strange phenomenon.
You have it, and then you fly weightless.
It’s gone; you’re buried under weight of nothingness.

Love is just an alien, I’m yet to encounter,
Perhaps on Mars orbit, or a cash-counter.
It is there so that we are not alone.
Never quite understood, yet I wrote this tome.

The author's comments:
And I've so far not felt it.

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