Sheep alog a old dirt road.

January 20, 2012
By Failed_Youth_97 SILVER, Gloucester, Other
Failed_Youth_97 SILVER, Gloucester, Other
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Favorite Quote:
If God is our father, then we're all orphans. - Otep Shamaya.

Going through another day,

Voices blurring like a never ending headache,

Who are we to say one is better than another,

We simply run the same path, covered in thousands of footsteps,

All blurring together to make it look like a plain slate,

But all we are, will ever be, is sheep being herded by a bloodthirsty dog,

Snapping at our heels, making us play its game,

Till our eyes become weary and our hearts begin to slow,

And then as our body gives in, lets sweet escape take over,

The beast rips our fleece off, pierces our arteries,

And lets the cold blood pour all over the innocence,

Of what this world was, Before all turned dark,

Reminding others all that awaits through life,

Is death.

The author's comments:
We are nothing but sheep trying to escape reality. to escape the beast. But we never will.

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