Henry the Hedgehog

January 14, 2012
Henry the hedgehog was at school one day
And noticed the teachers had nothing to say.
So he sat at his desk and he drew a blue monkey.
He thought that the sight was a little bit funky.
He showed it to Peter who laughed while he said,
“Something is wrong inside that big head.”
At recess he showed it to all that he could
But none of the students thought it was good.
He showed it to Margie who just turned and ran,
Showed it to Lilly and showed it to Sam.
He showed it to every kid at the school,
But everyone there just called him a fool.
Back in the class he began to lose hope,
While all of the others were done jumping rope
He went to Ms. Norris and said, voice so small,
“I don’t think I drew this the right way at all.”
She looked at the drawing then looked down at him,
“Drawing blue monkeys is hardly a sin.”
She picked up the drawing and pulled out a tack
And walked to the board hanging up in the back.
She pinned up the drawing for the whole class to see,
And said “No prouder of one could I be!”
All of the children just sat there and stared,
They thought Henry’s drawing could not have compared.
“You see class, the lesson I taught you today,
Is to see the world in a new different way.
Henry drew something that we’ve never seen,
And of his talented work, we should all be so keen!”

Inspired by Justine

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