Her Story

January 14, 2012
By Anonymous

Her story is a sad tale.

About hate, and a life that “is a fail.”

She questions herself every day.

Asking, “Why and why am I treated this way!?!”

She walks in a room and the world stares.

She acts like she doesn’t notice but her pain flares.

She is no different than the rest of them.

Just a girl, whose name is Kim.

But, the world doesn’t see who she is really.

The world doesn’t see, in the inside, she’s a blood lily.

The world sees her pain and doesn’t give a crap.

She can’t rise above, she's stuck in a mousetrap!

But, she finds solace in her songs.

She doesn’t care about all the people who don’t see the wrongs.

Before she knows it, that too is stripped away.

She cries and cuts every single day.

The world that sees her doesn’t care.

And eventually, death becomes her.

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