January 12, 2012
She rode in the dark

The moonlight guiding her

There were no lights in these times

Just the moonlight

She rode for freedom

The freedom of her people

For this was no ordinary lady

But a royal one they say

She rode for her mother

For her sister as well

She would go anywhere for the people

Even in the darkness of hell

The moonlight encouraged her

For it reminded her of the people she loved

Always looking out for her

Making sure she made it home safely

The moonlight comforted her on this journey

For the trees whispered hateful things

And the wind mimicked her stupidity

But the moonlight made her relax

She saved the people

Making sure no one herd one footstep

Making sure they had what they wanted

She let them free in her kingdom

Even though she never returned

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UnderHisFinger said...
Jan. 21, 2012 at 12:27 pm
I liked it. There was a lot of good imagery.
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