Let Me Love You

January 12, 2012
By , Riverside, RI
like the forbidden fruit of eden,
you’re so tempting i want to pull you in;
your touch cutting me right to the core;
just one taste and all i want is more.

like the stars and the moon you look close enough to touch;
but every time i try, i discover
you’re so far away, my forbidden lover;
you’re more like the sun-
so far away and the closer i get
burning hotter than the sun;
but i can’t help it and let my guard down,
unraveling and coming undone.

untouchable like fire,
i don’t think i really learned-
i touched you and i was burned;
but i’m still coming back.

i’m reaching out though you’re far away as heaven and the sky
and i really can’t explain why;
but the walls between us don’t matter to me-
your age is just a number; i promise you’ll see;
i’ll blast these walls apart with all the dynamite of the world
to get to you.

i want you, i confess-
and one song you grabbed me and pulled me in so tight;
in my little purple dress
you held me so close in this mixed up mess
and your brown eyes locked into mine
are spellbinding enough to last a lifetime
and coil me up tight as a vine;
we’re meshed up together and
i’m caught up in you and i swear,
i want you.

my heart jumps like an acrobat
as you pull me in so close,
i can’t control that
so grab my hand so we’re jumbled up and intertwined and
please just know;
what i think you already knew-
please don’t let me go…

let me love you.

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