December 23, 2011
My pretty baby, don't you hear me?
I'm the whispers you hear at night.
The ones that hold you hostage for leaving me alone out of sight.

My handsome Matthew, do you ever feel sorrow?
For pushing me too far,
I feel like I won't be able to see tomorrow.

My intelligent darling, don't you miss me at all?
I could never imagine a smooth-operator like you,
Yet, despite the internal turmoil, you were the most perfect person I ever saw.

My perfect, little singer, please tell me you never sing to anyone else.
If you were to lie one more time, tell me I was the only one;
It was never a dream.

My biggest insecurity, could I ever be any better than you?
You were always so perfect, it was unrealistic,
I cry every night knowing I will be bigger than you soon.

My hurtful enemy, how could you say those horrible things?
You've compared me countless times, I never felt good enough for you,
I'm forever damaged by your circuitous arguments.

To the only person that ever made me cry,
I hope you find eternal happiness in the things you love the most,
There's no need to ever see your face again, so goodbye.

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