December 16, 2011
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Awakening to the hope of a brand new day,
She throws herself out of bed,
Longing for a “good morning, beautiful,”
Dreams of him flowing through her head

Studying her disastrous reflection,
Smeared make-up remaining from yesterday,
She’ll bite her lip and pray and hope
He’ll love her any way.

Curl her hair, or straighten it?
Which choice would satisfy him?
All she wants is to be his star,
And her spot light is becoming dim

She can’t recall if his favorite color is blue,
So she puts on a red shirt instead
She’ll even wear her newest shoes
If he doesn’t approve, she’s dead

And when he lays eyes on her,
She kneels to the ground and cries,
“Please accept me, I tried my hardest,
I want to be beautiful in your eyes.”

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