The Unspoken Murders

December 29, 2011
By Anonymous

i’ve been murdered before.

there was no gun, no knife, no strangling,
no blood;
but there was an avalanche, a waterfall,
a hurricane, a storm, a flood,
of cruel words and actions that
killed me.

i was murdered by the mean girls.

they band together and prey on their
victims too weak to fight;
masking their own faults they rip apart
everything about me, from looks to how smart;
my personality with every fault, every flaw;
they judged me only by what they saw.

they murdered me.

they took who i was and
tore me to a shred;
they murdered me with their words;
and then they left me alone and dead.

i was murdered.

even now i’ll never forget and
bits of the past come back in chaotic swirls-
every word, every look, every feeling;
i carry the scar of the mean girls.

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