A Haunting Addiction

January 2, 2012
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Day after day, I feel these things
Sometimes they haunt me in my dreams
I don’t know what to say
It’s just day after day
And just when you think it’s gone
Just when you think you’ve won
It comes back like a jolt of lightening
Followed by its awaited thunder of doom
What’s to say really?
Except that I’ve given all I have
And frustration leads to anger
And the volcano inside erupts
Warm tears wet my lashes
And dreams turn into ashes
Sometimes giving all you have
Leads to giving up altogether
And strength turns as light as a feather
Sometimes tears are a body’s way
Of renewing growth within
And letting go isn’t weakness
It’s the cure to this sickness
A dosage so powerful, so strong
Only a drop will go along
With its intended desire
A burning raging hot fire
As it pulses through my ice veins
As it pumps through my heart
It will take over and shut down
And everything will turn around
Overdose and it’s done
There’s nowhere to run
Because day after day I feel these things
And sometimes they haunt me in reality.

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