Stop Messing With Me

January 1, 2012
Stop looking at me with those eyes
Ever so secretly planning my demise 
Inside your thinking what you should do
Making random choices leaving me without a clue
I try to duck out of the way and avoid
I assure you this isn't me being paranoid
I know your messing with me
So stop! Your making it hard to see
I want to know your game
At least tell me the rules or the name!
Am I supposed to sit here unarmed?
You think you have me alarmed?
Well I think I finally get it!
Your so evil and pathetic!
Playing with my mind, my emotions
Brewing up your own poisonous potions!
Well I have the antidote! 
Now I have you by the throat
I'm going to stop your plan
This is the end of its lifespan

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