Just a Nightmare

December 16, 2011
By erfischer SILVER, Sunman, Indiana
erfischer SILVER, Sunman, Indiana
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The girl’s mother tucks her in bed
and then kisses her goodnight.
Leaving the bedroom
after turning off the light.

As she lay in bed
the little girl begins to fear
what monstrous creatures
might be in here.

She pulls the covers over her face,
trying to force herself to sleep.
She hears the creaking of a door.
She begins to weep.

The closet door clams shut.
Her tears begin to fall.
The girl wants to scream,
but there is no one to call.

The footsteps get louder
as the creature gets nearer
She cries out for help,
but no one can hear her.

A hand grabs the covers.
The girl is consumed by fear.
She begins to scream,
hoping someone will hear.

She opens her eyes
to see nothing there.
It seems as though
it was just a nightmare.

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