I Lived Then...

December 16, 2011
By GoldenEagle SILVER, Ahmedabad, Other
GoldenEagle SILVER, Ahmedabad, Other
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Months and years of drought, dry was the earth and dry was my heart,
I waited for the march of love clouds to start,
She flew by air, the rainbow appeared when,
She came, she smiled and I lived then.

I gazed her timelessly and the world seemed brighter,
I touched her gently and even the diamond seemed softer.
My dry loveless hands were about to wither just before when,
She held my hands, my hands bloomed and I lived then..

Together we talked to the breeze; together we talked to the swaying tree,
Together we bid a farewell to the setting sun and the rising moon saw us together flee.
Lungs in my bony carcass filled of air, had cold breeze when,
She embraced me and I lived then.

The love that came through air finally departed on rail,
The smile, the warmth, the embrace all vanished and remained just a silent wail,
She is not with me, but she is within me somehow,
I lived before, but I am just breathing now.

The author's comments:
This poem titled "I Lived Then..." is romantic ballad which underlines the difference between two verbs often misnomers of each other namely- "LIVING" and "BREATHING".The protagonist in the poem says he LIVES when he is with his beloved and rest of the days he just "breathes". The poem starts with both of them meeting and ends with the protagonist's beloved departing and hence when he's without her, he says "I Lived before, but now with her I will just BREATHE".

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