December 15, 2011
By pachkayla BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
pachkayla BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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There they were
him and her
she laughed
he smiled
both acted like a child
but he was scared to ask
so time started to pass
they got older he still was not bolder
so she moved on
he watched her first kiss
if only she knew she was his bliss
from one man to another she never forgot him
she wanted him to ask
again time started to pass
she was growing weaker
he was getting older there hearts could never be colder
she wanted him
he wanted her
now there together-forevermore

The author's comments:
this peice is about a guy and a girl who found who loved each other and then the guy was 2 scared to ask her to date intill they were very elderly and lived together in till they pass away

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