Back Again

November 13, 2011
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It’s been a long time you see
And I’m not sure if I still love her,

We reminisce about memories
But I’m not sure if I still love her.

Our minds in sync, emotions in twined
As we take I slowly remember,

Young were we to walk that path
Till we knelled down by the river.

Mere friend as we sat by the stream
We held each other,

It was a dream
And my hart felt a shiver,

I know than it was true
Cupid empted his quiver,

Now we sit hear
Once again together,

Her smile so sweet
Her lips soft and tender,

Dose she still love me
If she didn’t I wouldn’t blame her,

So then why is she here
On this cold, cold December,

To renew our spark
That is now just an ember,

Or is it simple nostalgic
That draws us both here,

A women so complex
Yet her words give me cheer,

She starts to laugh
But I didn’t hear,

She stars at me coldly
And I gave in to my fear,

Still I said nothing
As she shed a tear,

I said “come again.”
As I gestured my ear,

“I said I still love you
Though It’s been many a year,”

I leaned in closer
And she came near,

It the middle we met with such bliss
We shared the day a signal kiss.

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illusions said...
Dec. 20, 2011 at 2:50 pm
omigosh! you are a fabulas writer! i love it! pplz check out my work and comment plz
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