If I Was In Charge Of This World

December 9, 2011
What if I could rule the world?
If I was in charge
I know I’d always get the girl
I‘d be living it large

But that is just personally
If I was in charge
What would you see?
It would still be large

In my perfect land
We could all stand
Each one of us
All hand in hand

Education would be number one
But it would still be so much fun
There would be no high school dropouts
No failures, no cough outs.

I’d make this planet safe
I’d vanquish drugs
And all the thugs
Not to mention all the hate

In my perfect land
It would be a happier time
With no more crime
So no one gets the hand

Money needn’t be an issue
And so no related violence
No more tears by dabbed by tissue
Trust could live in peaceful silence

No more treaties will we need
Honor will be revived
Sacrifice and love be freed
To show we have survived

In my perfect land
Together we will stand
All of us hold anothers hand
Oh, wouldn’t it be grand?

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