Fire Is The Devil's Only Friend

December 9, 2011
He was a devil, that man in the hat
A slick, stealing, silver tongued devil
With reflexes like a cat
And an attitude always level

I remember when he first came around
I was eating up in the diner in town
Everyone knew everyone
So imagine my surprise
When a man walked in I didn’t recognize

He struck up a smoke
And he took a seat aside of me
He ordered a coke
And he looked at me and said,
“I’m David D.”

David and I talked for awhile
Never once so much as saw him smile

He never did say too much
He was a tall sturdy man
He had no tan
And an ice cold touch

He wore a dark black suit
And he felt no shame
In staring plain
At the girls he thought cute

He seemed to have no problem with sin
And as far as I knew he had no kin
He said he was a loner
As well as a drunk and a stoner

A year went by
Rumors flew about the guy
That he killed a man with his own hand
And that he could tell quite the lie

They all said he was a bad one
He did badly for the hell of the fun
But I didn’t see this
Just a man in content bliss

Until one day at dinner
Fire revealed the sinner
As he went to light his smoke
The flame licked his finger
He received no burn
Even as the smoke did linger

I stood up and announced to all
“He’s a devil
He can’t be touched by fire”
And David D. stood up tall
And he said aloud
“He’s no liar”

He looked and me
Then to the door
And he said,
“So I see
I will leave forevermore
I’ve no friends here,

And with that he left
With just his lighter and his smoke
Like a passing trend
For this ain’t no joke

Fire is the Devil’s only Friend.

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