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December 12, 2011
By liljosie85 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
liljosie85 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
everything happens for a reason.

The green of the grass
The gray of the stone
The gold of my ring
I think about you when I feel alone

The blue of your eyes
The black of the night
The gold of your hair
It was love at first sight

The white of the sand
The blue of the sea
The red of my cheeks
As you hold onto me

The pink of my prom dress
The black of your suit
The pink of your tie
The two of us looking cute

The white of the moon
The black of the night
The red of my eyes
After our first fight

The black of your tux
The yellow of the roses
The white of my dress
In our wedding poses

The brown of her hair
The blue of her eyes
The pink of her blanket
Our little baby girl asleep where she lies

The green of her gown
The brown of her hair
The pink of her dress
As she throws her cap in the air

The pink of the flowers
The white of her veil
The yellow of the ribbon
Her groom leaning in says, “I love you Gail”

The yellow of his hair
The pink of his smile
The blue of his blanket
Our first little grandchild’s name was Kyle

The green of the grass
The blue of the sky
The gray of the stone
There are tears in my eyes

The gray of your hair
The blue of your eyes
The pink of your lips
You left me without any good-byes

The author's comments:
One day While I was in English class my teacher pored a pillow case full of junk out on the floor and called everyone girl to up to chose something from the pile. I chose an old paint tray. It was stained with used paint which got me thinking about how important color is. This inspired me to write a poem that focused on the what colors are present at different points in life.

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