Broken in Half

December 14, 2011
By Lionheart BRONZE, Danielson, Connecticut
Lionheart BRONZE, Danielson, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:

There has been something I've wanted to do, wanting to do this from thinking of you

Looking at myself oh feeling so torn
seeing your face I just can't ignore

I just can't crack the code, the way you smile, the look in your eyes, lets hang out for a while

As we walk and talk I can feel something grow Is it happiness? confusion? a stomach ache? Who Knows!

I know I should avoid you, that you're not good for me
People would laugh or make jokes, about my personality

Why is the world so cruel to the misunderstood? If I could be who I am, believe me I would

Emotion overflows me as tears run down my face, I feel like a foreigner, belonging to a discriminated alien race

This broken feeling, as I cut off my long brown curls

Is it this wrong to love a girl?

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