Disowning Disapproval

December 9, 2011
By srealon BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
srealon BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Reach for the sun,
My father always said,
Don’t ever fall to the ground;

So I climbed every tree,
Hiked over every mountain,
But the Sun, I never found.

Get off your knees, and
Run to the Heavens,
He would always say;

I ran to Church, and
Away from my sins,
But the Heavens eluded my way.

Swim to Atlantis,
Find the lost city
He muttered under his breath;

I swam for miles,
Dove to dark depths,
But discovered, there was nothing left.

He forgot my existence, and
Lost all faith,
From his mouth, there wasn’t a sound;

He escaped my glances,
Never asked for a thing,
His love, was nowhere to be found.

And yet: I had reached for the Sun,
Chased after the Heavens,
Even searched for Atlantis.

I reached for his approval,
Chased after his affection,
And finally decided - F*** it.

The author's comments:
In high school, I dated a girl who would always strive for her parents affection. I could hardly believe all the work and chores that she would provide them, and baffled by how little her parents seemed to appreciate it. I myself was a much more rebellious counterpart in my household, and really just in general. As expected, her parents did not really approve of me dating their daughter. I originally wrote this poem in a high school creative writing class. One I finished, I was confused as to where this passion came from. My relationship with my father wasn't similar to this poem whatsoever. It wasn't until later that my girlfriend read it and said, "This is about my father." Until that moment, I never truly realized how much I really sought his approval.

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on Dec. 13 2011 at 7:04 am
youngspeare BRONZE, Nairobi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
We wouldn't ask a rose that grew from the concrete for having damaged petals; in turn we'd all celebrate its tenacity, we'd all love tz will to reach the sun well we are the roses n these are my damaged petals don't ask me why thank God and ask me how

Incredible poem you got there! Keep posting, hope to see more :) 
Please check out my poem "Ghosts of the Past" and rate/comment? i'd REALLY appreciate it!


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