December 10, 2011
By Anonymous

I Find myself crying at the most strangest moments But its weird once i start i cant seem to stop they don't know what i have been through the battles i fought the mountains i had to climb they don't know if i have issues or not but still my tears come down as if they knew it all and they were just saying it just to hurt me what have i done so wrong to be stuck in this body I face myself in the mirror everyday its a struggle sometimes i like what i see but other times i wanna just runaway or break the mirror into tiny little pieces there are times my stomach churns yearning for food But i ignore it leaving it to starve There is a voice in my head saying to do it than another saying don't you dare touch that plate of food that is the voice i tend to listen to People don't know that what they say affects people in the future or maybe at that moment especially if your own cousin is telling you the same thing other people are telling you it hurts They don't know i have issues They don;t know what i have been through what battles i fought what mountains i have climbed or yet to climb But still i find my head buried in my knees catching all the tear drops in my hand each tear drop represents all the people who have hurt me and that is many IF ONLY THEY KNEW

The author's comments:
I wrote this because i have been through many things and i am still going through some but i will make it

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