New Feelings Replacing Old Ones

December 9, 2011
It feels like I’ve been fed a magic potion
My heart seems to have restricted motion
Things seem to revolve only around you
What’s wrong with me-I don’t have a clue

If this is how things would always be
Then I’d be the happiest as one can see
I’d had said that I felt “Horribly Awkward”
Cuz’ my world has turned upside downward

Even though my birthday’s around the corner,
You rule over me even in my slumber
This is sweet, sweet pleasure
My love for you -nothing can measure

You can make any girl drool
And I don’t mind being that fool!

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Steph Heather said...
May 7, 2012 at 11:41 pm

OH MY GOD!! this is beautiful, darling!!!!! 


I have never read anything as beautiful as this!! The person for whom you wrote is certainly lucky! 

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