December 9, 2011
By LindseySnape GOLD, Ashmore, Illinois
LindseySnape GOLD, Ashmore, Illinois
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There once lived a man,
Who wanted revenge.
The king killed his father,
So he would avenge.

He lived in a castle,
Not so far away.
He wanted to kill the king,
So his father could lay.

The was named Charles.
He hatched a fine plan,
A way to get in,
To kill everyone he can.

Charles was sad,
He didn't have a father.
He went after the man,
Who made his life a bother.

He did a lot of planning,
And one day he set out
To get his revenge,
On the King named Clout.

He rode to the castle,
And set up a tent
To wait out the day,
Because he was spent.

He woke up that night,
When everything was dark,
And snuck in the castle
To start a big riot.

Charles was sad,
He didn't have a father,
He went after the man
Who made his life a bother.

Once in the castle,
He looked at the map,
He found the right path
And shut it with a snap.

He tiptoed through corridors,
Not making a sound.
He saw the king's quaters,
His prey was found.

He set a small fire,
To make a distraction,
The guards ran past,
And he sprung into action.

Charles was sad,
He didn't have a father.
He went after the man,
Who made his life a bother.

He went through the door,
And saw the King sleeping.
He was so glad to get his revenge,
He almost felt like weeping.

He took out the poison
He had hidden away.
He made the King swallow it,
It was his last day.

Charles snuck out,
The poison was recieved.
His father was avenged,
And Charles was relieved.

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote two years ago as an assignment in Honors Creative Writing. I think it would've been better as a story. I know some of it doesn't rhyme.

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