Amber eyes

November 30, 2011
I look at his pained face
And see nothing but pure sorrow
knowing he won't last
at least until tommorrow

He loos so pale and so sick
as I look into his amber eyes
I need to spend some time with him
before his last goodbye

I ask him to go to a movie
and he is willing to go
he picks me up at seven sharp
to see a wonderful show

While at the movie he grabbed my hand
it felt so light with ease
Instead of pulling back from him
I just gave it a squeeze

from that moment on he was my life
there was nothing no one could do
I'd loved him with all of my heart
Never would I bid him adiou

We spent every minute together
months passed on by
Then that day finally came
he said he would soon die

the sickness he has just gets worse
each and everyday
the doctors seem to estimate
that he has at least till' May

All these thoughts raced through my head
like our kisses and our hugs
My one love gone forever
because of some bad bug

anger shot right through me
None of this seemed right
why him? why now?
he's not putting up a fight

he told me not to cry
just worrry about us
he kissed me softly on my lips
i would miss him so much

soon the day i feared
sadly came along
he told me that he loved me
but this just seemed so wrong

I whispered "i love you"
right into his ear
he smilled at me and said
that his end was near

He slowly closed those amber eyes
that i would never see again
he changed my life forever
and it all just seemed to end.

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