Joke's On Me

November 30, 2011
I thought there was something.....I could know forever

That I could hold onto...through any kind of weather

But I guess I thought wrong, perhaps I really wasn't clever

Once upon a time, I could have said never say never

You and me were such a team, not afraid of holding on

But these die hard dreams of mine were just dressed up in a song

I thought this was real when you laid your head to rest upon my shoulder

I always believed things would work together, every day we got older

But to watch you stare into the eyes of another is killing me in my sleep

So I sold my soul long ago to the devil because he showed me a new way

When you love me nothing is impossible, but I was just another freak

A fool who couldn't exist inside a lie, so I just wasted every day

What I knew then I don't know now, and what I had then I lose everyday

I hate this world I created, it's something I can never take back

I kiss you one final time, not a kiss hello but a kiss goodbye

Without you I'm dead anyway, so what could it hurt to die

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